It was a grey and overcast morning. . .

I finally managed to get into my perennial bed in the front yard.  It’s a mess.  The ferns have gone on a riot and tried to take over the lily beds.  Well, I went at them with a pitchfork and yanked most of them out.  I will be giving a bunch to a friend of Tim’s who wants them for around her fish pond.  Better place for them, I think.

It has been a very rainy June so far, which is okay, because we desperately need the moisture, but it is starting to get a bit tedious.  As I’ve stated earlier I don’t have much time right now because work is winding up and I am very busy with union business, so, when I have a few hours I like to get outside and get mucking around in the dirt.  It’s tough to do that when everything is soggy and you’re essentially mucking around in mud.

I have plans to spend the rest of my day outside getting the perennial bed cleaned up and deciding where to transplant some things that desperately need it.

When I first looked at it yesterday I wanted to throw my hands up in defeat, but, instead, I just picked a place to start and before I knew it things weren’t looking too bad.  I have to be so careful around the lilies, it’s tough not to disturb them when I’m viciously yanking ferns out by their hairy roots.

In digging up one particularly large bunch of ferns I dug up a huge ant’s nest.  Holy crow did they go on the defense!  Every time I plunged my fork into the ground I had dozens of them jumping on to my arms.  Fortunately they’re easy to brush off and I attacked them back with great zeal.  (I have I said how much I hate ants, before?)

Hate is really too strong a word — I don’t hate them, I just hate them being in my garden, on my deck, in my house. . .

Anyway, today, I’ll go back out there and disturb them some more and hopefully they’ll pack up and move on.  I have tried everything else to get rid of them.  Nothing works.  Permanently.  Ants are like that.  Pests.

Well, much as I’d love to sit here and write for hours, I can’t.  I need to go eat my oatmeal — because I was very bad last night and ate pizza after ten o’clock!  I suffered all night.  And then I was feeling guilty because I’ve actually being doing okay with the Biggest Loser challenge at work.  I’m losing steadily (not a lot, but a little each week) and I’m actually quite proud of myself.  So, why I went and sabotaged myself with pizza (that wasn’t even all that good) I can’t figure.

Lesson learned, I suppose.