July 30th

Day 212 — A better day weather wise.  Not hot, but at least warm.  I spent the morning doing — what else? — housework.  Then, in the afternoon I did this:

My Ford Edge -- all cleaned and shiny!
My Ford Edge — all cleaned and shiny!


It took me about 5 hours but that baby is nearly show-room clean!  Inside and out.  Although I enjoyed the process of cleaning it (I’m wierd like that) I have to say that I’ll never do it again.  It took much to much time and my back and shoulders were killing me when I was done.  Next time, I’m taking it in and paying the $100 to have it done.

So, yeah.  That was my Tuesday.

Monday evening. . . and I’m tired

. . . but I think I’ll make some cookies!  Soft molasses drop cookies.  Because I’ve been thinking about molasses cookies for about 3 days now.

But, wait.  That was my husband just now on the phone.  He says the Northern Lights are putting on quite the display.  So, I think I’ll grab the camera and go out to get some shots.  Here’s hoping they turn out.

The cookies, I guess, will have to wait until tomorrow.

Probably for the best.

Today was a long day.  My Ford Edge had to go in for a check.  There’s an annoying squeak in the front end, and I’ve noticed a hesitation in the engine when I’m on the highway.  Never good.  So, the dealership called and said it’s something with the transmission.  They’ll need to have it for a couple of days.


So, I tell them they need to get me a car.  We live out of town, I don’t work in the town I live in, and, I’m busy every night this week.  Waterloo is good.  They arranged the rental for me, free of charge.  As it should be, as far as I’m concerned.  My Edge is only 1 and 1/2 years old, for crying out loud.

But, I had a meeting after work, so after begging a ride to that, the car rental company had to drive out to where I was to pick me up.  They did.  And happily.  I was very impressed.

Anyone ever needing to rent a car, definitely go with Enterprise.  They were very obliging and professional and went out of their way to be helpful.

The Northern Lights didn’t pan out.  Sorry.  By the time we found a good spot for taking pictures they had lost most of their lustre.  Damn.  Hopefully, later this evening they’ll be bright again and I can go out and try to get some shots from the field across from our house.

The appliance repair guy is supposed to be coming by tomorrow to take photos of my damaged floor.  Now, I’m beginning to doubt whether there was any point in complaining.  It’s doubtful they’ll do anything about it.  But, I suppose I won’t know unless I carry through.  So carry through I will.

Wish me luck.

It’s 8:38 now.  And all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep.  Think I’ll have a cup of tea first, though.


It’s been awhile. . .


The light at the end of the tunnel -- just trying to stay focused on it.

I’m finally getting back to my blog.  I’ve missed being here, but lately my life has been so chaotic.  There just never seems to be enough time. 

There I go again, with that time thing.  I do believe there is a story or a poem in me somewhere that deals with time.  One of these days. . .

Well, I think I’ve finally bought a vehicle.  A 2010 Ford Edge.  After a couple of months of checking used vehicles out, it boiled down to paying a few thousand more for new over a couple of years old and getting full warranty coverage. 

I HATE buying vehicles.  I find the process so stressful.  All the fancy dancing around over price just about drives me nuts.  I know the salesman is going to try to get the most of me that he can, and he knows I’m going to try to pay as little as I can and yet, we still have to waste hours arguing over the bottom line.  It’s such an unsatisfying experience, all around. 

Other than I’ve got a new vehicle, of course.  Well, I don’t physically have it yet.  It’s on order.  But hopefully in 5 or 6 weeks I’ll be driving my nice, new Edge. 

We test drove quite a lot of smaller and midsize SUV’s and crossovers (glorified station wagons, you ask me) and in the end we just liked the size and the feel of the Edge.  Just like all the reviews we read, it’s not an exceptionally exciting vehicle, but it’s got nice styling, a roomy interior and I felt confident driving it.   the other nice thing is, I’ve got plenty of room for my grandchildren. 

I’ve driven a small, 4 cyl Sunfire for the past 10 years, I think driving this bigger, 6 cyl is going to be a treat.  This morning though, I’m going through the post-purchase jitters.  You know — I can’t believe we spent that much money, did we get a good enough deal, is the dealer still going to try and take us for a ride — all that kind of stuff.  But, really, in the end, I think we made out okay.  Despite how much you bargain and wrangle you know they’re still making money off you if they accepted your deal.  And, they’ve got to make a living, so it’s believe you did the best you could for yourself and move on. 

I have to say, though, that for all the talk about the economic downturn and being able to pick up a vehicle for a song — that’s just not the case, at least here in Canada.  Used vehicle prices — for vehicles one or two years old — are ridiculously high.  So high in fact, that it makes no sense, really, to buy them used — not when you can get brand new for a couple of thousand more. 

And, considering that I’ll probably drive this vehicle for ten years or so, I’ll get my value out of it in the end.  Still, I wonder, wouldn’t I have been smarter to buy something about 5 years old that I could have paid about $10 000 for, driven for 3 or 4 years, and then bought another one?  I just don’t know.  Cars, they drive me nuts, but unfortunately they’re entirely essential to my life. 

So, I guess I’m working for a few more years — LOL!