I’m attempting to get back to a normal routine.  And so. . .

can anyone tell me why the main WordPress page hasn’t changed in over a week?  Usually, there are new Freshly Pressed sites at least every other day.  This past week?  Nothing has changed.

I am posting a couple of shots I took in my garden yesterday.  One is a giant Liguleria leaf — it caught my eye as I walked up the driveway, and I thought:  Okay, that made me smile.  So, go get the camera.  Then I had a moment of:  I should just keep trudging into the house and stay feeling miserable, but then I gave myself a mental shake and told myself to stop being ridiculous.  It’s time to get on with it.

Things change.  That’s the reality.  Life, however, will just keep on unfolding as it always has and always will.  I can keep my eyes and my heart open to what change will bring or I can put blinders on and hobble myself with futile thoughts of what I wished was true.

And, with that

I give you these pictures of simple beauty from my yard.  The geraniums just don’t have enough sense to quit — I admire that immensely.


2,781 Views — all time

Just out of curiosity I decided to check how many hits I’ve received on this blog since I started it last October.  The magic number is 2,781.  I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

On the one hand I’m immensely pleased — because that number means I’ve written stuff that people have actually read, and that’s a pretty good feeling.  On the other hand, when I play the dreaded comparison game, it means I’m not getting the amount of traffic some other blogs do.

Should I be upset about this?  Should I be trying harder to generate more traffic? Should I change what I write about to give my blog more of a mass appeal factor?

Funny thing, while I sit here typing away — I don’t think I should be or do any of those things.  I’m quite happy with my little blog space, and I have to say I am genuinely fond of the ‘regulars’ who check in on me and post their comments.  I look forward to checking in on them and seeing what is going on in their worlds and leaving my comments for them.

Some might say it’s a funny way to have a friendship, or even that it is a cop-out on friendship, but I would disagree.  I didn’t start out writing a blog to make more friends; I’ve never been one of those who gathers friends easily.  In fact, I can count the number of GOOD friends I’ve had in my life on one hand.  And for me, that is more than enough.

That said, I am so very grateful for the connections I’ve made through my writing and blogging and I value each one of them as if they were a friend.  So, I feel I owe a great big thank you to everyone who has dropped by for a visit and stuck with me throughout the past year.  Your interest has contributed to that number — 2,781 hits — and I am truly honoured.

Will I ever be featured on Freshly Pressed?  That thought has been bothering me a bit lately.  And then, I sat down to think about it, which led to me checking on my all-time hits, which led to this little rumination.  I don’t care if I’m ever ‘Freshly Pressed’, I do care that people I care about have checked me out 2,781 times.

My day is made — thanks everyone!