March 2nd

Day 61 —  Had a great day with Hailey and Ethan.  First, took them to their gymnastics class — Ethan is cute and we were amazed at Hailey’s growing ability and confidence.  I hope she sticks with it.  Afterwards, it was McDonald’s for lunch (not our pick, believe me) then swimming.  Back home, we made pizza for supper and Hailey invited her little friend from across the street to join us.  She stayed for a sleepover.  Just let me say — I was not prepared for two eight year old girls and the drama!  But, we had fun, and that’s what’s important.

Saturday, December 15th

This morning I am watching my gorgeous granddaughter at gymnastics. At this moment she is practicing handstands and flips. She is amazing. Of course I will say that – I am biased – but it’s true.

My heart skips a beat each time she launches herself at the mat but she does it with such fearlessness and abandon and joy that it takes my fear and replaces it with a smile.

This morning while I did my treadmill duty I was listening to Feist. One song in particular had me smiling and thinking about what is most important to me, not just now as we head into Christmas, but always. I’m not sure of the title but I think it might be: It’s Cool to Love Your Family. It’s a wonderful little song, one completely appropriate for the season.

I don’t have the capability to download it because I’m too damn cheap, but you can easily find it on YouTube.  Check her out, you won’t be disappointed.

Love your family, love your life, love yourself.