July 2nd

Day 184 — Scorching hot day!  33 degrees.  So hot you just didn’t want to move.  But, I did.

Took the kids home around lunch time — came back to a too-quiet house.  A messy house, but too quiet.  Got things put back together somewhat then went outside to work in the yard.  Got the weeds sprayed (but after last night’s storm I’m probably going to have to do it again) and did a bit of weeding.

Managed to squeak in some Corona time with my book on the deck.

All in all — a damn fine summer day!


June 17th

Day 169 — Well, I made it back to work.  All in all an easy day — just office stuff.  I officially only have 7 more working days until the Summer break starts.  Can’t believe it’s here already!

Some amazing thunder and lightning storms during the night, accompanied by torrential downpours.  The road beside our house looked like a river while the storm was at the height of its activity.  Everything is so soggy right now — I wish we’d get some heat, now.  I’m sleeping with two blankets — and here it is the middle of June!