Thursday, Jan. 7/010

It really feels wierd writing the date like that! I wonder if I should just go ahead and start adding the 2 – it’s only one more keystroke, after all.

Just as a strange little aside — Tim and I watched 2010, the sequel to 2001 A Space Odyssey, on the weekend. I didn’t want to watch it, but he kind of forgot to change the channel and before I knew it I was sucked into sitting there watching what was perhaps the MOST boring, pointless movie I’ve ever seen. (Not that the first one, 2001, was really any better.)

My thoughts after the movie were that here was this vision of the future that showed us on the brink of war with the Russians while the destruction of the planet was imminent. Technologically, things looked a little more advanced than they do in reality, but not glaringly so. Of course war was averted, and earth winds up with two suns — a kind of gift from the sinister/benevolent monolith (it wipes out a planet to give birth to some new ones and the new sun. All very symbolic and rather stupid.) Anyway,. . .

. . . in comparison, what’s going on here on planet earth seems a lot more dire than it did in this hoaky little movie.

Movement around the globe is slowly becoming more burdensome, racial, religious, economic and environmental tensions seem to be ramping up to disastrous levels, while our obsession with technology (in particular games and entertainment) continues to grow.  None of these things appear to be related, but I wonder.

Going back to the theory of 2012, where the world is destroyed through our own negligence (as predicted thousands of years earlier by an ancient culture using human sacrifice, hmmm. . .) perhaps the powers that be (those with the $ that control our sad, ignorant little existences) know that the end is near and they have engineered this crazy scheme to keep us all corralled in our own countries.

Problem with that hair-brained theory is: what the hell for, and why would they care? More than likely they’d be like the big Russian in 2012 who was out to save only him and his fat kids. Philanthropy, it would seem will remain an idea exclusive to those who cannot afford it.  

And, much as I admire President Obama and all that he stands for and hopes to accomplish, why is it that the Americans suddenly allowed a black man to become their leader?  Or, more correctly, why did the secret society that controls the world (oh, come on now!  we’ve all seen the movies and read the books that tell us about this secret organization made up of the richest, most powerful people in the world that controls EVERYTHING, don’t try to pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about) let him be elected?  The answer is simple — because it’s not going to matter!  In a couple of years the earth will be destroyed and we’ll be nothing but a galactic nightmare.  Unless, of course, the Chinese manage to build those arks. 

Hey, isn’t there a big dam project going on in China? 

Seriously, I choose to believe that President Obama was elected because people realize that skin colour is irrelevant, and because they recognize the need for change. 

I do believe we are being discouraged from too much global travel, but for more practical reasons — to keep us safe from terrorist attacks, to curb fossil fuel use, to help keep our economies strong by forcing us to spend our vacation dollars at home. 

Racial and religious tensions are no more an issue today than they were hundreds, even thousands of years ago — but at least now we don’t burn people at the stake or keep them as slaves.  (Well, maybe that still happens – just not in North America.)

And our obsession with technology?  Well, that’s what a creative, curious intelligent species does — it invents, and because we’re all about instant, self-gratification, it only makes sense that we focus on things that entertain the masses. 

While in the background the really serious, sinister work takes place. . .