July 3rd

Day 185 — Spent the day visiting with a good friend.  Good lord I didn’t know I could still talk that much!  But it was great.  Took a break from the house and my list of chores, which felt really good.

Got out into the yard for a few hours tonight — pulled a ton of weeds. Now I can actually see things.  Some of my lilies are about to bloom, and things I’d thought hadn’t made it are actually peeking up through the mass of poppies that have sprung up in the middle of my main perennial bed.  I love the poppies — they’re such a happy flower — and they require zero care.  With all the rain we’ve had things are actually pretty lush, plus, an added bonus is that the weeds are super easy to pull.

Started reading the Game of Thrones series today.  On my Kobo.  I”m 26 pages in and loving it.


Sunday afternoon

My grandson Ethan is sleeping.  I have tuckered him right out, I believe.

I am taking care of him while my husband is at our son’s house helping him build a deck.  I remain deckless — but, hopefully not for long.

We have been blessed with some lovely weather for this long weekend, the last bit of summer, or should I say nearly the only bit of summer we’ve had in this province this year?  Ethan and I have made 3 trips to the park since I brought him home with me yesterday.  He loves to run, and just as his father was at that age, he is full and I mean FULL of energy.  What better way to let him use it up than walks to the park where he can run and play and climb to his little heart’s content.

Me, on the other hand, these walks and all this playing is taking a bit of a toll.  I woke up this morning with wonderful plans to weed the garden when Ethan went down for his nap, but what I’m actually going to do is go sit out in a lounge chair with my book once I get this short post done.  The sunshine is begging me to come out and soak it up.

I will not disappoint.

The garden centers are winding up the season and have all their perennials on sale, so yesterday I went and bought myself a lovely little hardy hydrangea.  I’ve been wanting one now for awhile, but recently read an article about varieties that are hardy for our neck of the woods.  After learning about the many varieties that can survive our winters I decided to take the plunge.  And, at $17.49 with a year’s guarantee I’d be crazy not to.  So, sometime this week I’ll get my new baby planted in.  Ooh, the excitement!

I’m telling you, I’m loving my new scheduling plan more and more.  It’s been a relaxing weekend of enjoying time with my grandson and not having to worry about laundry, or vacuuming or washing floors.  I’m actually looking forward to next week, so I can get even more ahead of the game.  I’m feeling some major writing time ahead.

Happy Labour Day weekend everyone!