Some winter pictures. Cedar Waxwings and frozen berries. The birds were in our neighbour’s tree in Bon Accord. The berries are outside our door in Fort McMurray.


A stormy night in Bon Accord

Just wanted to share a few pictures of a storm that’s rolling through our neck of the woods.  I played around and edited these a bit to enhance colour and brightness.

The last days of my garden

Just thought I’d share these final photos of my garden.  I didn’t spend a lot of time in my garden this year — too much rain, not enough time, away for a good portion of the summer, many excuses, none of them particularly good, but she still rewarded me with some beautiful blooms and scenery.

These pictures were taken last week — before the really heavy frosts started hitting us.

The final bloom on my hardy shrub rose.


late-blooming monkshood


tenacious little johnny jump-ups



Fields in the Fall, October 2011

Here are some pictures I took this weekend of the fields around Bon Accord, County of Sturgeon and County of Westlock.  Just to give you an idea of how beautiful it can be in this lovely season.  I took them between 5;30 and 6:45 in the evening.

I played around with the colour in some of them, because one thing I did learn in my solitary photography class a few weeks ago is that the colour captured by digital cameras will never be as good as what we used to get with roll film.  So, going in to tweak the colour is not cheating.  It’s representing what your eye saw.  Hopefully, you like what mine saw.

Yesterday — sunrise

As I was leaving for work yesterday morning I looked out across the field adjacent to my house and this is what I saw:

I took three different exposures using my Sony Cyber-shot.  I always wish I had my Nikon on hand for these shots, but then I don’t tend to get good sunrise or sunset shots with it because I don’t know how to set it up properly, so, anyway. . .

I used what I had and this is what I got.  Perhaps not the greatest compositionally, but it was the colour I was after, anyway.  I think the middle shot is the truest.

I love the sky and want to learn to photograph it so that it comes out the way I see it.  Obviously, I’ve got lots to learn, and that’s okay.  For now I’ll just subject you to my various attempts.

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, hazy Thursday

Hazy sun through my pine
The sun blanketed in haze over freshly swathed fields, 8 a.m.

Reading one of Cindy’s posts ( ) this morning I was inspired to create this list of things that impress me:

  • stories about people who go out of their way to do kindness for small seemingly insignificant creatures like snails and slugs — recently reported on CBC
  • helpful strangers who will Google an address or directions for you — this happened in New York quite frequently
  • the nice people who walk by our house (which is in a constant state of renovation and yard work) who only say nice things like:  wow, you guys are doing a great job!  when in actuality they’re probably thinking: wow, are you guys ever going to finish?
  • really, really nice cars — in red, that are incredibly fast
  • the Tiffany’s diamond — it was the real thing and it was stunning
  • my grand daughter’s sweetness to her brothers
  • juicy, ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine
  • Cirque du Soleil — those performers are otherworldly

This could go on and on, once you start it’s kind of infectious.  Here’s a couple of pictures of other things that impress

me with their beauty: