July 3rd

Day 185 — Spent the day visiting with a good friend.  Good lord I didn’t know I could still talk that much!  But it was great.  Took a break from the house and my list of chores, which felt really good.

Got out into the yard for a few hours tonight — pulled a ton of weeds. Now I can actually see things.  Some of my lilies are about to bloom, and things I’d thought hadn’t made it are actually peeking up through the mass of poppies that have sprung up in the middle of my main perennial bed.  I love the poppies — they’re such a happy flower — and they require zero care.  With all the rain we’ve had things are actually pretty lush, plus, an added bonus is that the weeds are super easy to pull.

Started reading the Game of Thrones series today.  On my Kobo.  I”m 26 pages in and loving it.

Saturday morning

This is just a quick post to say I’m still alive and well.  It’s just that It’s nearing the end of the school year and that means it is particularly busy.

Even as an education assistant this means there is a lot of extra work.  The teachers have it harder, believe me, but we EA’s work our butts off, too, during this time.

Last night, I attended our Grade 9’s Farewell fling.  Most of the time these kids make me want to scream because of the way they act, but last night they were wonderful.  They looked so gorgeous dressed up, pretending to be adults.  They’re on their way, that’s for sure, but they still have a way to go.

Though our school has toned down the farewell thing for grade 9’s I still can’t quite wrap my head around how much money parents (some) spend on this.  At least the dresses are not in the $500 – $800 range.  But they are still pricey.  A few of the girls were dressed a tad too scantily, but they conducted themselves appropriately.  All in all, I’d have to say it was a huge, beautiful success.

I wish them well as they head into exams and contemplate the years of high school ahead of them.  Oh, the Comp is going to be such a different world!  Many of them have such an awakening coming to them, it’s going to be tough at first.  But if last night’s glimpse at their potential holds true, they’ll do just fine.

In between school stuff and CUPE stuff I’ve been trying to work out in the yard.  So far, I’ve only managed a couple of hours a week, but I’m hoping to get more time in this weekend.  I’m currently clearing my rock paths of all the poppies and dandelions.  Armed with a paint scraper (great for shearing them off at ground level) and a bottle of undiluted vinegar (kills weeds without all the toxic side effects) I am determined that once again I will be able to clearly see the paths I so painstakingly laid two years ago.

I have big gardening plans this year.  I want to grow as many vegetables in pots that I can.  This was inspired by one of Soul Dipper’s Occupy Blogosphere posts from a while back.  It has become so important to all of us to try to eat as much self-produced food as we can.  Not only because of the fear of unknown contaminants and genetic modifications, but simply because it is better for us in all ways.

Growing even a  tiny bit of the food you feed yourself and your family provides a sense of pride and accomplishment.  It teaches responsibility and the need for diligence.  It’s good for the soul — gets you back to the earth, so to speak, even if it is potting soil.  It adds beauty to your surroundings and provides a sense of holistic balance.  And, it saves you a few dollars.  Which, these days, is mightily important.

Anyway, folks, I just wanted to come in for a quick touchdown, say hi, and then vamoose for a little while again.  Until the holidays are here my posts will be very sporadic.  I do try to sneak in for a peek at many of your blogs just to see  what you’re up to.  I comment when I think I have the time.

Take care; I hope you’re enjoying your summer (or winter).

Tuesday. . . Grrr!

My old chair and a bunch of poppiesThis is a photo of the poppies in my front yard from last summer.

I am sick.  This cold Ethan gave me is a doozy.  I feel entirely like crap.  I wish I could stay home from work and plod around in my pj’s all day, but, alas, I cannot.  Damn responsibilities!

The Grrr above is because Montreal lost in overtime tonight.  Not that I’ve ever been a big Habs fan, but I really wanted two Canadian teams in the playoffs this year.  So, all our hopes are hanging on Vancouver.  My God it would be sweet to see them take the trophy!

It’s funny, I haven’t been this excited or involved in hockey for a long time.  But watching the Vancouver/Chicago series and a couple games of the Montreal/Boston series has got me all geared up.  It’s just pure, nail-biting, let out a scream now and then, fun.  Go Canucks!

Unbelievably, it seems, we are near the end of April.  Come next Monday there will only be two months left of my work year.  Summer is just around the corner.  Although. . .

. . . there is still snow in my front yard.  Hopefully, not for long, though.  We got a small rain shower tonight, and if the gods are good there is more rain in the forecast.  That should make short work of any remaining ‘white stuff’.  Then I can get out and start cleaning things up. That is, when I am over this damn cold!

Checked my rose-bush yesterday — it has lots of colour in the wood and I could see the starts of buds.  That made me smile.  Also, my rhubarb is starting to emerge, and I can see poppies leafing out.  So, within a month I should have a few bright and cheerful yellow poppies nodding in the garden.  And right behind them should be the anemones.  Maybe I’ll go buy some spring bulbs and get them in the ground — grape hyacinth, glads — stuff like that.

Well, I have work I need to get to, and I want to be in bed by 10:30 tonight so I better get a move on.