June 14th

Day 166 — Spent a quiet day just recuperating — again, some more, still.  FINALLY, finished A Breath of Snow and Ashes, by Diana Gabaldon.  A huge lug of a book.  The first I’d read of these Jamie Fraser/Outlander stories.  Pretty sure it’s going to be the last.  Way too bloody long!  1439 pages!  Christ, she could have written 3 half-decent novels in that amount of pages, instead of this one over-long, over-blown compilation of scenes from a television series.  (I don’t know if these stories have been adapted for television, but, man, she sure writes like they are.)  The disappointing thing is that I wanted to like the story, wanted to like the characters, but in the end they are all just so manufactured.  Ah, well, I had to do something to occupy myself while I was sick.