Random photos

First off, apologies to Dan Juraks, whose blog I subscribe to, for not having the quality of photos he posts.  I’m learning.


Monday Afternoon

I should be packing.  But I’m posting this one last blog before I go.

We got as much done in the yard as we possibly could.  My lovely new boulders arrived — they are much bigger than I remembered them!  We’ll need to rent a bobcat to get them in place.  But you know what?  That slope is gonna be gorgeous when it’s finished.  I can hardly wait to get it done.  My husband, I think, has secret plans to have it done by the time I get home.  Love him for that.  Don’t want him to hurt himself, though. There’s five yards of crushed limestone to move, plus another 1/2 yard of limestone scree, 1 yard of pea gravel and, of course, the boulders.  That’s an awful lot for one man to take on alone.  And believe me, he’ll try to do it all by himself.  Stubborn, hmm, he is, yes.  That’s me channeling Yoda.

(Sorry, there’s a Star Wars marathon been on for the past month.  Every time I come into the living room Tim’s re-watching one of the episodes.  I love Star Wars, but seriously, it needs to be on everyday?)

So, it’s off to Ontari-ari-ario tomorrow.  Then by train to New York.  All is in order, I’ve checked and re-checked our reservations, the weather in New York is in the low 30’s, which is a good 10 degrees hotter than it is here, so I’m packing light.   When I get around to packing that is.  My biggest hurdle right now is deciding which camera to take.  I want to take my D90, but I get tired and sore from lugging it around in its big case all day.  The little Sony takes fine pictures and is just so much more compact — it will fit inside the new purse I bought.  But, the Nikon takes absolutely fabulous pictures and there is so much more I can do with it.  Sigh.  Decisions, decisions.

Have got to get out into the garden a little later on — if the rain stops — and get the last few marigolds plunked in.  Along with some chard and a few other odds and ends.  Hope my lilies don’t bloom until I get home.  Hate missing them in their glory.

Anyway, the yard will be here when I get back.  There’s always something to be done — I just hope Tim leaves something for me to do.  When it’s finished I’ll post a pic so you can see the change.

I’ll be back in about 2 weeks — warm summer wishes to all (and to my new friends in South Africa — wishing you short, sunny winter days).



Inspired by new rock garden.


If trees are the breath of the world,
then rocks are its soul.

They hold within their petrified  hearts
the stilled pulse of the world.

Transplanted from river beds and
ancient gorges to my suburban

garden they lend an air of indifferent
grandeur.  I have stolen them

From whence they came;  a poor attempt
at communion.  They bear it well.

Jutting and jagged they sit among the lilies
and the poppies.  With ancient calm

they breathe their memory of place into
mine.  And the earth and the air

and the birds and I listen intently,
then tuck their whispered song

into our living  hearts.

© Kathy Larson 2010