Early Morning

by Kathy Larson

The more things
change. . .

Doing dishes at 5:30
on a Saturday morning
is not one of them.

I left
the kitchen
in a mess
last night
after eating
takeout pasta
and watching
a movie
we’d seen

Too tired.
Too lazy.
Too bored.
To clean up.
Like I should have.

Ah, well.
Something to do
this morning
when all the thoughts
crowding my head
refused to let me

There’s something
that hasn’t changed.


Saturday morning

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee with Bailey’s — my usual Saturday morning libation — and I just finished updating my memory jar.  I got a little behind this past week.  So much going on, but it’s always there in the back of my mind and I try hard to remember the little things that made me smile so that I can write them down.

I like this exercise.  It’s been good for what ails me.  Focusing on the little, happy moments in my day has made me see how good my life really and truly is.  There’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t make it into the posts because my goal is to keep them short, but that’s the wonderful thing — I see and feel how much I have to be happy and joyful for on a daily basis.

The things that tended to bother me before are still there, I just don’t focus on them and therefore they don’t ruin my day.  I acknowledge them and then move on, knowing that I’m going to find that something memorable later on, or, maybe I already did and all I have to do is think on that, instead.

Here’s a few ‘extras’ that didn’t make it into the memory jar this week:

– I made homemade tomato soup with peppered goat cheese — yum!
– I lost another pound!- the Grade 5’s gave me a lovely card signed by all of them, plus they gave me a ton of hugs
– Tim worked days this week, no more nights by myself
– I passed the halfway mark in Anna Karenina
– I received a Chapter’s gift card as a farewell gift from my coworkers — yeah!  more books!

That’s it, folks.  Have a happy day!