March 17th

Day 76 — St. Patrick’s Day.  Didn’t celebrate.  But I did sleep in — until 10:30.  Have been fighting a cold for a few days — I think the extra sleep helped, because I’m feeling almost 100%.  Tim and I spent a quiet day shoveling the driveway (want to laugh out loud at that!)  and I washed floors and did laundry — the usual Sunday chores.  But, it was gloriously sunshiny while we were outside and I felt glad that we got out and got a bit of exercise in the fresh air.


. . .and now, for something completely different

. . .we had a terrific weekend.

It was my husband’s birthday on Friday.  I kidnapped him and took him out for dinner and a night on the town.  I booked us a hotel room for the night right smack dab in the middle of downtown Edmonton.

We went to Lux for supper.  Had a fantastic meal.  Steak, lobster mac (homemade macaroni and cheese with lobster– sounds weird, but it was fantastic!) potatoes gratin, asparagus, hollandaise sauce and a Cabernet  demi glace (which neither of us cared for).  We also had, by far the best caesar salad I’ve had in nearly 20 years.

Dinner was a leisurely two and a half hours and two bottles of a lovely Gewürztraminer.  We finished up with a an absolutely divine creme brulee with homemade almond shortbread cookies. When we finally left the restaurant, it was close to closing.  We wandered back to our hotel — a mere 5-minute walk away.  Then we decided that, what the hell, we’re on the town, we can stay up late and go back out.

We walked another 5 minutes to the Baccarat Casino, where we spent a couple of hours just playing the machines.  We broke even in the end and left just 15 minutes before the place was closing.

This little escape from normality was exactly what we needed.  We didn’t get out of bed until nearly 10:30 the next day.  With no phones to jangle us awake it was a real treat.

We went and had a really late breakfast and then decided to go shopping for a bit.  Out to IKEA we went.  I was bored after an hour and wanted to leave.  But I got a new rack to hang my pots from and a cute little shelving unit for the laundry room.

After that we went to check out barbecues, because I am in the market for a new one now that I have a new deck.  We checked out a couple of different ones, and I’m pretty sure I know which one I’m going to buy, and it’s not the $3500 Bull model, though, I am sorely tempted.  If we had won the lottery this weekend then I’d spring for it.  But, for our budget, I think I’ll go a little (quite a bit littler) cheaper. Really the barbecue I’ve decided on is a lovely one, much, much, much nicer than the one I’ve had for nearly 25 years.

If I can convince Tim to go order it tomorrow, I may have a barbecue by next weekend.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

So, that’s enough about the bbq.  We got home and spent the evening just relaxing some more. Watched the latest Mission Impossible movie.  It was okay.

Then today the kids came out for supper. Tim went for a bike ride with some buddies and I cleaned and cooked.  Got to sit out on my deck in the sunshine and read some more of The Help.

I am loving that book. I’m having no trouble keeping separated from the movie.  Both are excellent, I couldn’t recommend one more than the other, and I’d have to say it doesn’t matter which you do first.

We had a great time.  Took the kids to the park for a bit, then had supper and cake.

The hockey game came on, Landon and I argued a little bit about the worthiness of the Canucks.  His best friend came by with his new baby girl.  She is the cutest little peanut I’ve seen in a long time.  I got to cuddle her for a while, it was lovely holding a baby in my arms again.

Then, everyone left, and once again it was quiet.

It’s back to work tomorrow and my lovely, enjoyable, relaxing weekend will have become a memory.



It is summer time, isn’t it?

I can’t believe how bloody cold it’s been!  Yesterday a measly 18 degrees.  Today it’s going to be a whopping 22 — wtf!

and to add to the joy of cool, rainy days I’ve managed to pick up some kind of virus.  Got a nasty lung thing going on, the only upside is that it gives me a sexy voice.  However, don’t much feel like talkin’ sexy to anyone the way I’m feeling.  Hopefully, it’ll run its course by the weekend — have a wedding to go to and grandchildren to look after. Their poor mom is sick, too.  And in the wedding.  Hope she recuperates in time.

Went for some more acupuncture on my shoulder yesterday.  I HATE acupuncture — it hurts!  But, my arm feels better today — I’ve actually been able to type all this without once having to stop and shake feeling back into it.  Yay for pain.  Poor Dr. Richardson, though, he was suggesting by the end of our session that maybe I find an alternative treatment as I’m so sensitive to the needles.  It’s probably hard on the nerves to have your patient shrieking and screaming while you jab them with sharp pointy things.  But, then again, that’s why I pay him.  I am not a lover of pain, believe me, but I think I’ll stick this out.

I cannot believe how late I’ve been sleeping in since I got home.  Today I didn’t wake up until almost 9.  It’s been 8 o’clock the other days, but even that is late for me.  Am going to have to make a concerted effort to get up earlier.  Don’t want to waste my vacation time by sleeping it all away.  I’ve got a list about a mile long of things I should/want/need to do before going back to work and so far, I haven’t accomplished much.  Other than weeding my gardens – which need it badly.  I guess, though, when you’re sick, rest is required.  I think I’ll ease up on myself just a bit.

Thought I’d throw in a couple of pictures of our  landscaping project.  It’s a big’un, but it’s coming along nicely.  We should be all done by the end of the week.  Cross my fingers.  Tim deserves some holiday time, too!

Ciao for now, have a good day!