Update #2 — April 2nd – 5th

Day 93 – 96  —  It was back to work on Tuesday.  I was still exhausted.  Trying to catch up on a missed 35 hours of sleep takes a while, I discovered.  On Monday evening my son came by the house to see if I could go watch my two oldest grandkids because they had to take the youngest to the hospital.  No thought, only go.  He had been throwing up all day and finally the doctor said to bring him in.  I didn’t feel tired until about 11 o’clock, then it hit me like a brick.  I pulled a blanket over myself and went to sleep with the phone by my hand.

They called around 11:30 to say they were still waiting, but that Ethan was, thankfully, sleeping.  I called my husband to tell him the news and he offered to come relieve me so that I could go home and get some sleep before going to work in the morning.  When the alarm went off at 6 I thought briefly of just laying there and pretending I hadn’t heard it.  But, wondering what was happening with the kids, I got up and grabbed the phone.  They still hadn’t left the hospital, but Ethan was doing much better.  Sigh.  Huge sigh.

I called them around 8, just before I headed out the door and they said they had just got home.  So, that was a relief.

The rest of the week went relatively okay, except for the snowstorm that developed on Wednesday.  Another snow storm!  Thankfully, it wasn’t near as bad as the last one.  But with the Spring-like temperatures (insert a big snort here) the snow was wet and heavy and made the roads a little dicey.

I spent the week getting caught up to speed with work and trying — not very successfully — to get my house in order.  It’s funny, when you go away on vacation, even though you clean everything before you go, the house is a disaster the minute you walk through the door.

I had a busy week with trying to get ready for a grievance hearing with our employer and then getting some other Union business tied up.

All in all, I probably could have used another week off.


January 10th

Well, up at 5:15 this morning in an effort to get ahead of the game.  .  .

I have about 15 minutes left in which to blog.

I did however manage to journal — first time in a couple of months.  And I sent out some long overdue pictures to family.  So, I feel good about that.

We were snowbound here in Bon Accord this past weekend.  A snowstorm hit Friday and we got dumped on but good.  It took Tim and I a couple of hours to shovel our way out of the driveway on Saturday.  Everyone was in the same boat.  The Town came around and plowed the roads but left a lovely windrow at the base of our driveway.  We didn’t have the energy to shovel it away, but thankfully our neighbor, Bob, came along with his snow blower and got rid of it for us.

I hate winter, but I love snow days.  Tim and I stayed inside, putzed around (after the snow shoveling, of course), and watched TV; I put away some of my Christmas stuff (there’s still more to be boxed up) and then I slogged over to Heather’s to drink sherry and play Scrabble.  It was wonderful.  We had leftovers for supper and then sat and watched about 5 episodes of Dexter — we finished off the season!  I haven’t watched that much television in God knows how long — probably never.

Sunday we stayed in bed late, then got up and headed out for provisions.  We seriously did need groceries in the worst way.  Got home, did some more shoveling and then got supper on the go.

It was the kind of weekend you just wished didn’t have to end.  It was relaxing and unpressured and free of guilt — because being snowed in means you have the best excuse in the world to stay home and just be.