Sunday, March 23rd and apart from the sunshine you wouldn’t know it’s Spring

I know that I tend to gripe about the cold.  I can’t help it.  Despite having lived my entire life in places where winter is the longest season, I just can’t get over it.

Friday was the first official day of Spring, and the forecast for next week?  Expect January-like temperatures.  The projected high for Tuesday is supposed to be a balmy -18 degrees Celsius.  Yay.  Can hardly wait.

I’ve been keeping my bedroom window open at night in the misguided belief that it’s NOT THAT COLD, and THE FRESH AIR WILL DO US GOOD.  What I got for my troubles was a sore throat and a sinus cold.  Yay, Again.

We had a good lot of snow this winter and last week most of it melted.  Creating lovely, goopy, slimy mud pits everywhere.  The street I live on in my idyllic little rural community are not paved.  They are gravelled.  But, I was happy that the snow was gone out of my driveway, and that at least I could see the gravel again.  But, then, the local idiots decided that tearing up and down our side street and four-wheel driving through the muck in their Mazda hatch-back and sore-excuse for a sports-truck would be fun.  They made a grand mess of the road and the boulevard.

Yet another sign that Spring has arrived.  And, here’s another. . .

The husband took matters into his own hands and went after one of them.  Talked to a dad of one of the boys and told him the police would be called next time it happened.  Barricades went up the next day.  Hope the two are related.  The traffic has been a lot more sedate since, however.

Now things are frozen again.  I guess we’ll see what happens when Spring decides to stick around.

I can’t wait for Spring to really arrive.  I’m thinking it might be for real somewhere around Easter.  Until then I’ve got Pinterest.


The Spring That Wasn’t — April 2013

Here are some pictures of today, April 29th.

April showers bring May flowers. . .well not when it won’t quit snowing.

April 29th

Day 120 — Okay, I’m going to try and be as positive as I possibly can about today.  But it’s gonna be tough.  Because we were hit with yet another blizzard today!  Seriously, enough is enough.  Here’s my positive spin — at least there will be more moisture in the ground when and if it ever gets warm enough for things to start growing.  There!

April 28th

Day 119 — A nice drive home from Calgary.  We stopped for breakfast before leaving and didn’t have to stop again until we got home.  Tim drove so I got to sit back and enjoy the scenery.  Not that there was much to see.  Everything is brown and dirty because we’ve had no rain yet — and — there’s still snow laying in the fields and ditches.  But, we had a nice time away and I’m thankful for that.

April 18th

Day 109 —  Canada, eh?  We’ve still got tons of snow here; it’s slowly melting — maybe by the 1st of May we’ll see some green stuff.  But, meanwhile the geese are trying to make the best of it.  Here’s a handsome pair I saw yesterday just off the road across from where I live.

Out for a  stroll
Out for a stroll
Standing guard
Standing guard

March 14th

Day 73 — Once again, a few days behind.  Let’s see, Thursday . . . the snow hadn’t started yet, that was a good thing.  No, wait — it had.  We were supposed to go play racquetball and I didn’t want to go because the roads were terrible (or getting terrible, anyway.)  Luckily (for us, not Deb) she called to say they’d have to cancel because she’d hurt her neck.  So we stayed home and played a few games of cards, instead.  Nice.

It’s melting, it’s melting. . .!

We have a sort of pergola over our front entrance and in winter snow gets get up there on the beams.  It can be kind of treacherous walking underneath if the snow decides to follow gravity’s rule — more than once I’ve got a bunch of snow plopped on me.  Generally, we try and knock it down, but Tim thought it would be ‘fun’ to let it be.

With the warmer temps the past few days the snow has been melting and it’s created these fascinating sculptures up there above our heads, so I decided to take a few pictures.

Hope you enjoy them.