Sunday, March 23rd and apart from the sunshine you wouldn’t know it’s Spring

I know that I tend to gripe about the cold.  I can’t help it.  Despite having lived my entire life in places where winter is the longest season, I just can’t get over it.

Friday was the first official day of Spring, and the forecast for next week?  Expect January-like temperatures.  The projected high for Tuesday is supposed to be a balmy -18 degrees Celsius.  Yay.  Can hardly wait.

I’ve been keeping my bedroom window open at night in the misguided belief that it’s NOT THAT COLD, and THE FRESH AIR WILL DO US GOOD.  What I got for my troubles was a sore throat and a sinus cold.  Yay, Again.

We had a good lot of snow this winter and last week most of it melted.  Creating lovely, goopy, slimy mud pits everywhere.  The street I live on in my idyllic little rural community are not paved.  They are gravelled.  But, I was happy that the snow was gone out of my driveway, and that at least I could see the gravel again.  But, then, the local idiots decided that tearing up and down our side street and four-wheel driving through the muck in their Mazda hatch-back and sore-excuse for a sports-truck would be fun.  They made a grand mess of the road and the boulevard.

Yet another sign that Spring has arrived.  And, here’s another. . .

The husband took matters into his own hands and went after one of them.  Talked to a dad of one of the boys and told him the police would be called next time it happened.  Barricades went up the next day.  Hope the two are related.  The traffic has been a lot more sedate since, however.

Now things are frozen again.  I guess we’ll see what happens when Spring decides to stick around.

I can’t wait for Spring to really arrive.  I’m thinking it might be for real somewhere around Easter.  Until then I’ve got Pinterest.



A beautiful morning. Trees heavy with frost, glimmering in the early morning sunshine. Made me smile. Believe. Spring it’s just around the corner.


May 1st

Day 122 — May 1st.  It hit a balmy 12 degrees today.  Still, I’d rather that than what we had on Monday.  I know that Spring is truly here now.  I saw and heard a massive flock of cranes today.  I was on a short walk in Morinville and suddenly I heard their beautiful, soft trilling overhead.  I looked up.   And nearly cried.  They are so amazing to watch and listen to.  Spring really is here now.  It really is.

April 30th

Day 121 – The roads were good going to work, that was nice.  Had a minor scare on a patch of black ice but the Edge handled it nicely.  Love my Edge.  Had a good meeting with the wage re-opener team.  Let’s see what we can accomplish.

April 29th

Day 120 — Okay, I’m going to try and be as positive as I possibly can about today.  But it’s gonna be tough.  Because we were hit with yet another blizzard today!  Seriously, enough is enough.  Here’s my positive spin — at least there will be more moisture in the ground when and if it ever gets warm enough for things to start growing.  There!

April 23rd

Day 114 — The Spring sunshine shone for half a day today!  Rejoice!  Then it looked like it was going to snow — again.  But!  it didn’t.  It just never warmed up as much as it was supposed to.  I guess the upside is that the melt is very slow and that is a good thing.  The moisture is going deep into the ground — not being blown away on the wind.  I just want some green!  Please!

April 17th

Day 108 — A day of meetings.  What was great about today was that for the first time in how many months?  six? I did not have to wear my winter coat when I left work!  The sun was shining and it was moderately warm.  Come on Spring!

March 20th

Day 79 — First day of Spring–hah!  But, at least it’s here.  Days are longer, you can feel the change in the air.

A bit of a disappointment today — the kids couldn’t come for dinner as planned because they’re all sick.  But nice of them to stay away so Tim and I don’t catch it.  Not with the Break coming up.

Silver lining — my sister in law Michelle called with an offer of a free ticket to go see Billy Elliot.  Couldn’t refuse!  Have been wanting to see the show, and an evening with her was long overdue.  Unfortunately, neither of us was really impressed with the show — for some reason it comes off very flat and emotionless, for a story that’s supposed to be so full of the joy and spirit of life and following your dreams.  Ah, well, it was still worth it.

February 27th

Day 58 — Tomorrow is the last day of February.  Two months done!  Spring is just around the corner — I can feel it.  March is coming in like a lamb here, but in other parts of the country it’s a lion.  I only hope it decides to go out like a lamb here, too. Spent a nice hour visiting with Landon while Timmy practiced hockey.  I love my son.

February 21st

Day 52 — Stopped in at the ‘old’ workplace to pick up a few things I’d left behind.  Was nice to see a few familiar faces and find out what’s going on.  The air feels more and more like Spring each day.  Maybe Mother Nature is playing a trick on us, but I hope not!

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