Thanksgiving, a poem

©KLarson 2011

All rights reserved


It’s Thanksgiving weekend.
Here in Canada.

A quiet time of family
and turkey dinners,
table games and catching
the last glory of Fall,
pretending that the snow
won’t come, but feeling
its  icy kiss brush your cheek
as you kick through fallen leaves
while holding  tight to the hand
of someone you love.

It’s a time for last weekends
at the lake, last hikes on trails
gone to gold from green;
a time for Northern Lights
and sitting around a fire under
a big dark sky. It’s trail rides
and one more time out on the boat;
it’s driving dusty country roads
in search of one perfect tree,
one the winds haven’t
yet stripped naked of autumn’s splendor,
for that ever elusive family photo,
the one that there’s always
next year for.  And,
if this is not the year, no matter;
the heart will capture what
needs remembering.

It’s Thanksgiving.
Here, in Canada.


Tuesday October 5th

Well, let’s see it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve had time to blog.  And now I’m sitting here and I don’t really know what to say.  Because I have about 5 minutes in which to say anything.  Story of my life at the moment.

Union business has been overwhelming lately — lots of meetings, lots of late nights.  I have a plan though and hopefully I’ll stick to it.  If I can then maybe I can start having a life again.

My house is a disaster and I’ve got company coming for Thanksgiving this weekend.  I’ll get it cleaned up though, I’m really looking forward to cooking and company.  Need to sit down and make a to do list so that I can get my time organized. Think I’ve got Saturday all planned already — will make batter buns and pumpkin torte and get the dusting done.  If there’s time I’ll try to get out into the garden and start cleaning that catastrophe up.  While the weather’s good.

So far, October is shaping up beautifully.  Unlike September and August and half of July.  Sigh.  We really did not have much of a summer here at all.  And the sad thing about this fall is that the beautiful colours of the leaves only lasted a day or two.  Then rain and wind took it all away.  I do believe we are in for a rough, cold winter.

Well, that’s about it for now, got to go jump in the shower and get myself ready for work.

Good day all — hope you’re looking forward to a beautiful weekend wherever you are.