It’s Friday!

January 15th already!  We’re already half way through our first month of the second decade of 21st century.  Amazing.  There’s that whole time thing again.  It just seems to get away from me, and there I am turning in small circles wondering what just happened. 

Truthfully, these first fifteen days have been pretty good ones.  I’ve made some personal resolutions that I — so far — have managed to keep.  I don’t know how many people have read The Secret, or any other literature about the Law of Attraction, but I got interested in it a few years ago and picked up a few books on the subject. 

At first, I was skeptical, but as I read more I came to realize that it’s not a wierd and kinky cult, or fly-by-night gimmick someone dreamed up just to make themselves rich.  It’s a philosophy by which you can control the chaos in your life.  A way to bring harmony and happiness into your life. 

I’ve dismissed some of the wilder claims — like if I want to have 20/20 eyesight — all I have to do is think I have it and the universe will grant my wish.  Physiologically, that is nonsense.  I’ve worn glasses since I was a kid, I’ve got bad eyesight, end of story. 

However, when it comes to establishing a sense of balance in my life I’ve found the teachings of  The Secret and the Law of Attraction very useful.  It’s a pretty simple concept really.  Think positive, act positive, believe in the power of yourself and your abilities and your life will be a positive life.  And it’s true.  I find that when I focus only on things that have positive energy, that make me happy — even in the tiniest of ways — I feel so much better about myself that I then start feeling better about everything else around me. 

By feeling good about myself I can start to focus on the good in others.  Even in people I am in conflict with.  It allows me to look at them objectively and try to see what is good about them — and believe me, there is something good about everyone — even your worst enemy. 

Simply, it’s a live and let live philosophy.  I’ll concentrate on what makes my life worthwhile, what makes me happy, what brings me satisfaction and you concentrate on yours.  And, hopefully, we can coexist in harmony. 

An old friend of mine, one whom I think of often and wish well constantly, used to tell me all the time “it’s the power of positive thinking, Kath, just think it and it will come true”. 

Well, Sandi, you were right.  All those years ago, young and naïve as we both were, you were so much wiser.  It took me 30 years to get what you were saying, but I finally figured it out.  I hope your life is what you dreamed it would be.  Mine is getting there.

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