July 25th

Day 207 — Took a leap today and we’ll see where I land.  I may be aging, but I aim to stay young in my mind, my heart and my body.

Finished Full Dark, No Stars the other day  and have begun Vanishing Point by W. O. Mitchell.

Full Dark, No Stars was great — vintage SK.  I liked all the stories — there are four — but my favorites were Big Driver and A Good Marriage.  I think A Good Marriage was my absolute fave.  Fair Extension deserves a shout out too, just for the fact that Mr. King deals extremely well with a trait most of us pretend not to have in our natures.  Jealousy.  It’s dark, it’s horrifying, and you can find disturbing bits of yourself in the anti-hero.  SK does what he does so well.  Truly a master.

Finally completed weeding the main front garden.  The path is clear and things that weren’t getting their fair share of sun are now basking in it.  Next up — rock garden.  Which really should be a cake-walk.  Then, I’ve got to start focussing on indoor chores and touching up windows around the ol’ place.

A very cool and somewhat windy day — a high of 22 degrees.  The forecast for this weekend?  We’re looking at a high of 18 on Saturday.



July 19th

Day 201 — An unsettled day here in Alberta.  Sunny, but not very warm, then thunder and rain later in the day.  Managed to get some more weeding done — God, will I ever be done? — and then ran off to an appointment.  Things are shaping up all around.

A quiet evening at home.  Finished the first book in the Game of Thrones series.  Loved it.  But am going to go on to something else now.  Read the book on my Kobo.  Also loved it.  But, I miss the weight and heft of an actual book, and the slippery, whispery sound of pages turning.  There’s a secret sort of anticipation in that turning of a page with your hand.  The eye follows anxiously, wondering with a thrill what is coming next.

So now all I have to do is decide which of the twenty or so books I have left to read will be the one.  Choices, choices.

July 18th

Day 200 – I have a decision to make.  Get my tooth (that’s been bothering me forever) pulled or have a root canal.

The root canal idea gives me the heebie-jeebies.  I had one done about 6 years ago — and it took until last year for the dentist to actually fix the tooth so that it didn’t hurt.  Now, I’ve got a crack in the molar behind it.

I haven’t been able to chew on the left side of my mouth for a few months, and now it has become super sensitive to hot and cold.  Saw a new dentist today and the two options he gave me were what I wrote above.

Getting it pulled concerns me, though, the dentist and his assistant did a good job of answering all my questions.  But, it still bugs me to think that I’ll have a hole in my jaw where a tooth once was, should I decide to go that route.

I want to talk to my youngest sister — who was a dental assistant — and ask her opinion.  If pulling the tooth will end my pain and suffering in one easy appointment, then, I’m game.  Then, there’s the conflicting argument that you should always try to save your teeth no matter what.

I just don’t know.

Today, I worked in the front perennial bed and weeded, weeded, weeded.  While I thought about this damn tooth and what to do about it.


July 3rd

Day 185 — Spent the day visiting with a good friend.  Good lord I didn’t know I could still talk that much!  But it was great.  Took a break from the house and my list of chores, which felt really good.

Got out into the yard for a few hours tonight — pulled a ton of weeds. Now I can actually see things.  Some of my lilies are about to bloom, and things I’d thought hadn’t made it are actually peeking up through the mass of poppies that have sprung up in the middle of my main perennial bed.  I love the poppies — they’re such a happy flower — and they require zero care.  With all the rain we’ve had things are actually pretty lush, plus, an added bonus is that the weeds are super easy to pull.

Started reading the Game of Thrones series today.  On my Kobo.  I”m 26 pages in and loving it.