June 28th – July 1st

Days 180 – 183 — These past four days were spent with our grandkids.  First weekend of summer — what a way to kick it off!  My youngest sister and her two youngun’s came and spent most of the weekend with us, too.  The joy of watching cousins play and get reacquainted.

We had a ton of fun — swimming at the outdoor pool, bbq’s, ice-cream, popsicles, staying up really late and then last night, fireworks to celebrate Canada Day.

Now, it’s time for Grandma to get the house cleaned up and start planning for my own time away.  I just absolutely love summer!

June 15th and 16th

Days 167 and 168 — The weekend.  Yesterday I ventured out for a bit.  Went with Tim to the hospital in Redwater to have his staples removed.  Then went for breakfast — which, sadly, wasn’t very good.  After that it was in to the city to run a few errands and pick up a few groceries.  Got home around 2 o’clock.  Totally tuckered out.  Had a nap, then got up and watched t.v.  Boring.

Today was Father’s Day.  Went and had breakfast/brunch with my son and his family.  Tim was working so he missed out.  It was very nice — eggs benny and all the fixin’s.  Stayed and visited for a little bit then got home and actually did stuff!  Cleaned up some dishes, did some laundry, some CUPE filing that had got way behind and made a few CUPE related phone calls.  I even had energy to make supper!

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I really do feel like myself again.

May 10th, 11th & 12th

Days 131, 132 and 133 — Friday was the start of 3 beautiful days.  The weather warmed up and the sun came out.  Friday evening we went and watched our granddaughter play baseball.  It’s actually t-ball, but, really, it’s baseball.  It was fun.  Afterward, Grandpa and Iwent and had a burger and a beer at a little bar in Morinville.  Very good burger.

Saturday was my birthday.  I celebrated by getting my hair cut and dyed and then went dress shopping.  Picked up a couple of cute dresses at Avenue Clothes on Whyte.  Very pleased with my purchases.  Then, I made the long and arduous trip out to WEM.  Needed to pick up some of my face-care stuff and, unfortunately, that’s the only store in the city.  Got home about 5:30 and the kids were there.  We had bbq ribs and potatoes, greek salad and — beer!  We had a blast.  The grandkids gave me some lovely nature-inspired art.  Need to get some frames and hang it.

Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I got the royal treatment.  Tim took me out for brunch to the Red Piano.  Lovely meal.  With our brunch I recieved two complimentary tickets to attend an evening performance at the RP.  We are definitely going to check it out.  I’m guessing that it would be a much more raucous and rowdy performance when it’s an adult only audience.

All in all, I had a perfect weekend.  Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes.  It’s nice to be remembered.

April 28th

Day 119 — A nice drive home from Calgary.  We stopped for breakfast before leaving and didn’t have to stop again until we got home.  Tim drove so I got to sit back and enjoy the scenery.  Not that there was much to see.  Everything is brown and dirty because we’ve had no rain yet — and — there’s still snow laying in the fields and ditches.  But, we had a nice time away and I’m thankful for that.

April 27th

Day 118 — In Calgary for an AEEC meeting.  Tim came with me.  It’s been a nice little mini-break.  Last night we went to Famoso Pizza over on 104 St. and 23 Ave.  We were both a little let down.  Our experience at any of the FP’s in Edmonton has always been exemplary. Here, it was mediocre.  Can’t say why.  It’s certainly not a rivalry thing.  We both like Calgary, it was just a feeling that something was missing.  And for whatever reason the pizza was just not as good as what we’re used to.  Still, we enjoyed ourselves.  Today, I spent attending the meeting and Tim went to a comic expo.  He couldn’t get in because it was sold out, but he hung around and took pictures of many of the people dressed in costumes who were able to get tickets.  We decided to go back to 104 St. tonight.  We wound up in a Rose and Crown Pub.  Had a great beer and a run of the mill steak sandwich. Two ‘date’ nights in one weekend — I love it.