Watchin’ the Olympics

I amaze myself.  I have become a nerdy patriot.  And, I don’t mind admitting it.  Right now, as I blog this I am watching men’s figure skating.  I don’t even like figure skating!  I mean, it’s okay, but seriously, after about the third one, I can’t help thinking they’re just repeating the same stuff over and over — sort of like a Barry Manilow song.  If you know what I mean.  I think what I enjoy most is the music they skate to.  But really, is there any actual belief  that they’re actually dancing? in time?

I’ve really enjoyed these Olympics, though, and it has a lot to do with the fact that they’re on Canadian soil, and that Vancouver has done a spectacular job of showcasing what it means to be Canadian.  The opening ceremony last Friday was nothing short of miraculous.  Stunning, if you want the truth.  There were so many favorite parts, I can’t single just one out.  I thought it very Canadian of the organizers to include all of Canada in the ceremony and not make it all about Vancouver, which they could have very easily, and rightfully, done.  They encompassed everything that is wonderful about our country — our diversity, our talent, our humble acceptance of that talent, our tolerance, our belief that most times less is more, but in the case of something so big, big is completely acceptable.  I totally loved the way they included athletes new and old in the torch lighting ceremony.  Respect, dignity and honour — that’s just who we are.

Okay, so Johnny Weir, the nutbar American skater is on the ice.  Preceded by a bunch of hoopla, but honestly, he’s doing exactly the same thing as the 3 guys before him.  Oh, his program is called ‘Fallen Angel’ it reflects how he feels about his career since Torino.  Huh?  You skate for a living, buddy, you’re good at it, get over it.  But, boy, do I love the music he’s skating to!  It’s gorgeous.

We’ve got the kids I work with doing some educational Olympics.  Math drills, LA facts, and World knowledge — it’s going to be a lot of fun, I think.  That’s how badly I’ve been affected by these games.

Ooh, now the ugly, but very talented Russian skater is on the ice.  Then it’s over.  Will he get the Gold?  Will he match Dick Button’s (who was trash-talking him some bad the other night) record and take home back to back Gold’s?  Seriously, do I care?  Oddly, yes.  Retrospectively, I think I want him to win.  I think it would be neat to see him attain his goal.  Is he doing anything any different from the others?  Actually, I think so.  There is a sense of soul in his skating, that is lacking in the skating of the others.  Their skating was pretty, his is gutsy and provocative.

See, there’s that nerdy me again.  Maybe I just think the Americans have enough medals, already.  Who knows what my motivation is.  Go, Russian guy, go!

Crap!  the American got the Gold.  Well, he probably deserved it, but I think it sucks.  All they’re yapping about is the quality of his execution.  Again, huh?

Okay, so I guess I’ll shut this down.  Canada’s Patrick Chan is in 5th.  I’m trying to be happy about that.


One thought on “Watchin’ the Olympics

  1. Thanks for being a nerdy patriot. Guess I’ve been one a while… not mention also being a non-paid writer. I am happy to get free issues of the journals/ mags that publish my work. Keep putting it out there!

    Just got back from a victory ceremony where Nesbitt was adorned with the gold medal and the whole stadium surged with cheers, and actually sang our national anthem. I swear there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. You’re not alone with your nerdy patriotism.

    Oh, Canada@!!

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