Monday evening

Oh, I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to write lately!  I’ve really missed it.

But let me tell you. . .

. . .last week was just terrible.  I started back to work (which isn’t a bad thing, really) but I was totally not organized or prepared for it.  Then, my fridge decided to quit on me.  So, into panic mode I go tossing food left right and center, while piling what I couldn’t justify tossing into coolers or dumping it in a freezer.  (We ate a few rather gruesome meals of stuff I couldn’t in good conscience throw out.  Sigh.  Chalk that up to thriftiness – or – cheapness, which ever you prefer.)

I thought I’d have to replace the fridge and actually spent a couple of days shopping around.  But an uncle of a friend of Tim’s who knows about fridges said we should unplug it and let it thaw out.  It’s a frost-free fridge, I said.  Yes, but sometimes they freeze up for no apparent reason, the uncle said.  So, we tried it, and voila! two days later, the fridge is working better than new!  I was so happy to not have to go out and spend a $1000 on a new one.  I am, however, starting a savings plan to replace it.  The old girl is 20 years old.  I think we’re doing pretty good if we get another year out of it.  (Could I possibly hope for two?)

Then, while dealing with the fridge I decided I might as well defrost my freezers.  “Cause you see, this Friday the chickens are coming.  Some friends and I raise chickens every other year (well, to be honest, Joe, Rita and Heather have done all the ‘raising’ this year).  Usually we kill and clean them ourselves, but this year time is at a premium so Joe and Rita are taking them into to be done professionally.  This will cost a few extra $’s, but truthfully, I’m okay with it.

Gutting, plucking and de-cropping chickens is not something I ever imagined myself doing, and over the years I’ve gotten used to it, but is it something I absolutely love and look forward to?  Not on your life.  It’s a messy, stinky, hot and tiring job.  And the whole while you’re at it the bees and wasps are buzzing around your head.  Not pretty when you swat with a mitt full of guts.

So, anyway, back to defrosting the freezers — I had to get that done in order to make room for my chickens.

Then the weekend came and it was Hailey’s TaeKwonDo test.  We went and spent Sat. afternoon watching her, then went off to the Edmonton/Saskatchewan football game.  Man, those Roughrider fans are crazy!  We had a blast watching them.  Oh, and Edmonton won.  Whoot! Whoot!    Sunday, Tim worked and I took Hailey shopping for school clothes.  She starts kindergarten this week!  My! Where did the time go?

We had so much fun.  For lunch we had the most amazing cupcakes I’ve ever eaten!  Then we shopped ’til we dropped.  And there it was, the weekend over, and I didn’t have the energy to blog.

Tonight, though, on my way home from a meeting the mist had rolled in over the fields and I decided that I needed to get out and take some pictures.  So I flew home, threw the camera in the car and headed out.

The pictures I’ve included here are from down Sunnyside Road just south of Bon Accord.  The alpaca pictures didn’t turn out as nicely as I had hoped — I’ve got to invest in a tripod.  I think a couple of the others are pretty nice — especially the bridge and the ones of the fields.

The weather here has been just lousy lately, our daytime temperature was 12 degrees today.  Tonight we could get frost.  Ridiculous for August!  But what is it that I always say?  Oh, yeah, it’s summer in Alberta.

Good night everyone — sweet dreams.


4 thoughts on “Monday evening

  1. I doubt I could manage the chicken thing, thank heavens for my butcher 🙂
    The pictures are moody and lovely, like paintings.
    Enjoy your evening, sleep tight.

  2. You’ve done wonders with the photos. Most Easterners would have a hard time believing that is Prairie land. Love the crop scenes. What is it?

    Did anyone ever come up with an answer as to why Saskatchewan and Ottawa both had to call their team the Roughriders when there was only about 5 teams in all of Canada? Must have be down a few liters of creativity.

    1. LOL on the Roughrider comment! I think the crop is canola — farmers here are having fits — we’ve had so much rain they can’t get the crops off — they’re rotting in the fields.

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