Friday, Feb. 18, 2011

It has been too long since I last updated this.

I have given up on the no dessert for a year.

When I went for my weigh-in at Curves on the 7th I was sorely disappointed.  Their scale said I had lost a measly .5 lb.  My scale at home said I had dropped 4 lbs, but I chose to believe the Curves scale.  On top of that was the fact that the only place I had lost inches was on my thighs.

I already have skinny legs!  I don’t need skinnier ones!

Anyway, I spent a good 24 hours being really pissed off.  Then I got my shit together and decided that cutting dessert out of my life really wasn’t having an impact on my weight loss goals.  So. . .

. . .I’m taking a more realistic approach to this whole thing   I still want to lose 30 lbs., I still want to be healthier and make sure I have a good, strong, healthy heart.  To do that I will continue exercising — I’ve had my workout intensity level ramped up a notch at Curves and I’m attempting to get there 4 times a week — I have managed to get out for a couple of nice long walks — that was a week ago when we had spring-like temps.  Now that we’re in the deep freeze again. . .

My brief stint of not eating dessert (it was a month and a half) has taught me that I don’t really crave sweets as much as I had convinced myself I did.  I am satisfying my sweet tooth with fresh fruit and a daily serving of yogurt and granola.  It is certainly enough.  I will still limit how much and how often I have dessert.  I will replace cookies with my tea with a piece of fruit instead.  I will continue to chew on raw vegetables when I get the munchies.  (this is not my favorite thing to do — but it’s better for me, I know).

So, that’s my new approach.  I don’t feel like too much of a quitter.  I feel positive and energized.  And hopeful.

5 thoughts on “Friday, Feb. 18, 2011

  1. Hi 😀 I agree with Cindy – 5lbs IS a great achievement! I find that if I keep altering my approach to getting healthier, then I do not get bored with my plan. Keep going my friend!

    Chloe xx

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement but that’s a half a pound (.5) — guess the decimal didn’t show up clearly. I would have been thrilled if it had been 5 lbs — I’d probably swear off dessert for life! LOL

  3. Glad you have not given up, Kath. Has anyone mentioned at the Gym, that when you exercise, muscle weighs more than fat? If you are losing inches, you are losing fat.

    If you don’t have a trainer, it is really worth having one at least once – to learn what you body is doing as you go through the stages.

    A trainer will tell you to stay off the scales and pay attention to inches. Five pounds of fat is waaaaaay bigger than five pounds of muscle.

    Hope this does not feel like preaching – I just hate to hear disappointment when it may not be necessary at all.

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